Hi friend,

Are you looking for more from life?

Do you have a knowing deep down that you were meant for something beautiful and important, something that matters?

I hope you do, because it is so true.

God has planted dreams, destiny, and purpose in your heart, and you have something the world needs that no one else can offer. Just think on that for a moment—you have something vital that only you can give.

Isn’t that exciting?

 And maybe a little scary too…

…because if you don’t accomplish what’s in your heart it will remain forever undone…

…because discovering, accepting, and walking in who we are meant to be isn’t always easy.

We face doubts, discouragements, disappointments and detours—not to mention the ever present challenges of daily life. 

That’s why I’m here to help. I’ve learned that having someone call out our strengths, keep us accountable to our goals, guide us through planning, navigate transitions, help explore our purpose, spark vision, and celebrate our wins can mean the difference between floundering and flourishing.

My goal as a coach and mentor is to encourage and equip you to live with passion, discover and pursue you purpose, grow in faith, and enjoy a life of excellence.

Are you ready to take a step of faith and dive into becoming all you’re meant to be?

Read on to learn about my 4 coaching pathways.


With love,

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Offering 4 Coaching Pathways

Scroll down for more information on each pathway or click the text below the pictures.

Not quite what you're looking for? Want to mix 'n match? Have questions? Click the button below, fill out the form, and set up a free introductory coaching session with me. We'll discuss your needs, explore what I can offer, and come up with a plan! Or, if you just want to email me, you can contact me here.

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Discovering the Gift of You

Who are you and what is your calling?

Do you long for purpose and direction but feel like you’re meandering through life?

Do you wonder what your calling is?

Are you asking, Who am I and what am I here for, anyway?

God created you for a special, specific purpose. But before you can do what you’re called to do, you need to understand who you are.

Without a strong grasp of who you are and what your calling and purpose are, you risk

  • Putting your energy into the wrong tasks, goals, or projects.

  • Failing to make the unique difference in the world that only you can make.

  • Missing out on the adventure, excitement and intimacy that comes from partnering with God.

  • Neglecting opportunities to use your strengths, skills, and gifts to their greatest potential.

Though God can use you to make a difference in the world at any stage of your life, why wait? The sooner you discover the unique gift He has created in you, the more of your time you can spend partnering with Him and changing the world around you.

So, who are you and what are you here for? I’m here to help you find out!

In my Discovering the Gift of You pathway I can help you:

  • Discover who you are by exploring your unique

    • Personality

    • Experiences

    • Passions and values

    • Strengths and skills

  • After developing an understanding of the unique person you are, together we will

    • Explore your calling, including Who, What, Where, When, and Why you’re called to make a difference.

    • Explore the dream and mission God has placed in your heart and what you hope to accomplish with your life.

    • Craft a working Purpose/Mission Statement to guide your way forward.

I also

  • Offer prayer (if desired), support, encouragement, and accountability.

  • Provide worksheets to help you explore, plan, and take notes.

  • Tailor each session to your unique needs.

Are you ready to discover the gift of you?

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During our meeting, we'll make sure we’re a good fit for each other and I’ll answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to help you discover your unique gifts and calling!

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Moving Forward

Making progress in your goals and calling

Do you have a dream or goal but are unsure how to make it happen?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do, learn, or become?

Do you want to make more progress in less time?

The longer we put off moving forward in an important goal or calling, the more tension grows between what we believe we should be doing and how we’re actually spending our time.

Worse, every hour that we procrastinate is one less hour we have to be achieving our dreams and making a God-inspired difference in the lives of those around us.

Thankfully, breaking our big goals down into manageable steps can go a long way toward moving us forward, as well as provide a lot of relief.

If you have a goal and/or calling you're ready to move forward on, I'd love to help.

In this pathway, I can help you

  • Articulate what you desire to accomplish and clarify why your goal or calling is important, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for and have the motivation to keep going when things get tough.

  • Determine what resources you have, what progress you’ve already made, and what you need to get, learn or do to move forward.

  • Craft a plan, including short and long range goals, to guide your steps and keep you on track.

  • Address challenges and create healthy habits to protect and prioritize your calling/goal.

  • Take action, assess the results, and adjust your course.

I also

  • Offer prayer (if desired), support, encouragement, and accountability.

  • Provide worksheets to help you explore and plan.

  • Tailor each session to your unique needs.


Ready to get going?

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During our meeting, we'll make sure we’re a good fit for each other and I’ll answer any questions you have.

I can’t wait to get started in helping you move forward!

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Spiritual Growth for the Christian Faith

Connect and Cultivate

Do you feel distant from God but long to draw closer?

Do you want to grow as a Christian but find the demands of life getting in the way?

Deep down, you know that without intimacy with God, you won’t be able to grow in your faith or fully experience the purpose filled, vibrant life He created you for. But, just like a human relationship, you won’t achieve that intimacy without some focused attention.   

I’ve discovered two big keys to growing closer to God are

1) making the time to be with Him and

2) tuning into the unique ways He designed you to connect with Him

Through this pathway, I can help you

  • Explore your top ways of relating to God so that you can experience a deeper connection with Him.

  • Summarize where you are currently in your spiritual walk and create of vision of where you want to go.

  • Create a plan for how and when you will spend time with God so it becomes a part of your daily routine.

  • Prioritize and protect your time with God.

I will also

  • Support you with prayer and encouragement.

  • Provide worksheets to aid you in your exploration and planning.

  • Tailor each session to your unique needs.


Are you ready to jump start your spiritual growth?

Click the button below, fill out the form, and set up a free introductory session with me. I’ll answer any questions you have and we’ll make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

 I can’t wait to help you grow in your relationship with God!  



Refresh and Rejuvenate

Do you feel worn down and used up?

Do you struggle to enjoy everyday life?

Are you so busy that you feel like you don’t have time for self-care?

It’s true, self-care takes a bit of time—time you may not feel like you have.

But think about this: What is it costing you to not take care of yourself?

Sure, maybe you got that extra load of laundry done or squeezed in that social event your best friend’s neighbor invited you to, but is running yourself ragged worth the joy, peace, and energy it steals?

We often don’t take care of ourselves because we’re trying so hard to meet everyone else’s needs. Sadly, this cycle eventually backfires. That’s because lack of self-care slowly but surely depletes our ability to give quality attention to those things that matters most: our family, friends, and the meaningful work we’re called to.

By draining our emotional and physical resources, lack of self-care slowly but surely destroys the very quality of life we’re trying to attain by being so busy.

I know too well from personal experience what it’s like to put the never ceasing demands of life above the genuine needs of my body and soul.

And it’s not pretty.

Of course, there are things we need to do to keep life running smoothly. But if we want to live vibrant lives, we must learn to honor how God designed us to function best. And big piece of that comes by finding a healthy balance between completing tasks and nurturing our bodies and souls.

Thankfully, self-care in today’s modern world is possible. It takes a bit of soul searching and commitment, but it can be done.

Are you ready to dive into more vibrant living through conscious self-care?

In my Self Care pathway, I can help you

  • Identify your top self-care needs so you know exactly what you need to do to be your best self.

  • Explore why self-care matters to you and what is at risk if you don’t take care of yourself.

  • Craft a plan for integrating self-care into your everyday life for a more refreshed way of living.

  • Assess and navigate obstacles or challenges that might prevent you from attending to self-care.

  • Create healthy habits and boundaries so your self-care actually happens.

I also

  • Offer prayer (if desired), support, encouragement, and accountability

  • Provide worksheets to help you explore and plan.

  • Tailor each session to your unique needs.

Click the button below, fill out the form, and to set up a free introductory session with me. I’ll answer any questions you have and we’ll make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

I can’t wait to help you refresh and rejuvenate!


More Information and Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2006) and a Master’s of Education in Counseling (2010), both from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  • After graduating with my Master’s, I worked for 7 years in the mental health field.

  • Though I have retired my counseling license and am no longer a therapist, the skills I developed through my study and years as a counselor have thoroughly equipped me in the listening, questioning, planning, goal setting, problem solving, and strength finding skills essential for great coaching.

Other Qualifications:

  • Certificate: The Science of Happiness


What is coaching?

The coaching relationship is a relationship of equals, partnering to meet your goals and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

As your coach, my goals are to encourage and equip you to live a life of excellence, passion, purpose, and joy. I desire to help you embrace who you are, find your best fit and flourish in all you do.

How does it work?

As we work together, I will ask a lot of questions, which are designed to prompt you to go deeper and really explore multiple facets of yourself, your life, and any challenge you are working through. Coaching may also include education, brainstorming, lifestyle analysis, values clarification, accountability, and written assignments.

Together we will develop specific goals and a plan of action. As you work toward your goals, I will call out strengths and resources you may have overlooked, help you stay on track, and help you find or develop the practical tools you need for success. 

Though I may offer suggestions, observations, recommendations, and alternative perspectives, I won’t tell you what to do. Each decision, and ultimately the outcome of our coaching sessions, is up to you.

What can you help me with?

As your coach, I can help you:

  • Identify goals

  • Create action plans

  • Discover your identity, passion, and purpose

  • Explore your skills, values and strengths

  • Develop a personal working mission/purpose statement

  • Clarify and achieve your dreams

  • Create a self-care plan and infuse more refreshment and rest into your life

  • Increase enjoyment in your life, even in difficult seasons

  • Grow in your walk with God

  • Identify and overcome obstacles to your dreams or goals

  • Problem solve and make decisions

  • Overcome challenges

  • Succeed in life transitions

  • Live excellently

  • Prioritize and improve life balance

  • Move forward

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 60 minutes.

How long does coaching last and how often will we meet?

The coaching relationship may last from several sessions to several months or more. Length of commitment or frequency of meeting is not necessarily predetermined. Together we will determine an arrangement that fits your needs.

Who do I coach?

I coach adult women and teen girls who desire to discover their purpose, pursue their passions, achieve their goals, cultivate a restful lifestyle, grow closer to God, increase their joy and overall live excellent lives, and whom I believe will benefit from my services.

How much does it cost?

It is $55 for a one hour session.

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