I find some of my deepest joy in writing and coaching. I love to learn and share knowledge, insights and experiences with others, and I aspire to be like a field of flowers, bringing hope and life to the world around me.

I’m a work in progress and am learning to enjoy the process of becoming instead of lamenting how far I have to go.

I’ve faced disappointment and discouragement, and I know firsthand that discovering, accepting and walking in who we really are isn’t always easy.

That’s why I’m here—to come alongside you on this journey of growing into the women God created us to be.


If you’re ready to

     …Know who you really are and follow your unique purpose, calling and passion

     …Make a difference with your skills, values and strengths

     …Dream big and reach for meaningful goals

     …Find your way to vibrant, rested living

     …Discover how to enjoy everyday life, even in difficult seasons

     …Grow in your walk with God

You’re in the right place!


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I’ve always loved reading, writing, and relationships. My fascination with the intricacies and inner workings of our hearts and minds led me to earn a bachelor's degree in psychology and then a master's in counseling.

After spending 7 years in the mental health field, through my own journey of finding the courage to embrace who God made me to be, I decided to retire my counseling license and pursue my dream of becoming a writer and life coach.

It’s a process that has included risk, courage, and faith, but it’s been one of the most exciting seasons of my life. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found my fit and am more confident than ever that I am walking in the purpose God created me for, and I’m so excited to be helping women discover their own purpose!


I grew up and live in a nature’s ultimate juxtaposition of stunning beauty and harsh reality: ALASKA.

mount-mckinley-pixaby 903508_1280.jpg

Living here has forced me to face—and overcome—some challenges that, to be honest, I would have preferred to run away from.

It has been quite a journey for me to learn how to root myself into this land of fiery summer days and dark, frigid winters—to accept that this is where I’m planted and learn to love it. (You can read more about that journey here). But eventually I fumbled my way to true appreciation.  


I’ve found that many of the principles (like gratitude, appreciation of beauty and trust) that have allowed to me love and even flourish in this forbidding place are the same principles that have enabled me to survive other, non-climate related challenge and find joy in everyday life—even when circumstances are less than desirable.


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My husband and I have a funny love story that is way too long to share here. The short version is that we met at Christmas dinner at the local fire department, where both our dads worked. My heart was instantly captivated by this handsome, funny, kind man, and a year and a half later I married my best friend and one true love. We’ve been married for 14 years (and counting) and share life and home with our two cat babies, Fritz and Lewis.

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Closest to my heart and foremost in my mind is my faith. I’ve discovered that the deeper I go in God, the more I turn my heart and face to Him with my joys and my sorrows, my dreams and my fears, He meets me and is so gentle and faithful to guide me into the life of abundance, meaning, joy, rest and peace he created us for. My worldview, values, beliefs and perspectives are shaped by my faith in Christ, and one of my top priorities is to help women grow spiritually.



I relish sunny summer nights, crisp fall days, reading, writing and walking in nature.

There’s not much that brings me more pleasure than curling up in front of the fire with a good book on a cold night.

I also love the sound of the wind brushing the tree tops, the smell of rain, laughter, flowers and strong, black coffee.



Living life to the fullest. Being authentic. Purpose. Creativity. Beauty. Rest. Gratitude. Hope. Faith. Minimizing the superfluous. Maximizing joy. Dreaming. Laughing. Reading. Nature. Making the world a better place. Living with excellence. What it means to be a woman. Unhurried life.



Appreciate: Beauty. Nature. Love.

Believe: In your dreams. In the impossible. That God is good. 

Engage: In your calling. In your community. In laughter.

Excel: In your gifts. In creativity. In life.

Grow: In faith. In hope. In wisdom.

Rest: It’s essential. It creates rhythm. It brings joy.


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Settle in with a cup of tea or coffee, peruse my blog, enjoy yourself and be encouraged! And please, feel free to send me a message! I’d love to hear your questions, thoughts, and stories!

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Together, we can create a garden of beauty, refreshment, and nourishment for those around us!