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I’m Carina.

A life coach, mentor and writer devoted to helping women live with purpose, pursue their passion, grow in faith, and enjoy their lives.

I'm glad you found me!

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and delve into my collection of blog posts and articles, full of tips, ideas, resources and encouragement to nourish your soul and fuel your best life.

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What people are saying

You have...helped me get to the point I want in life and exceed my own expectations!
— Misty

Carina helped me to begin my journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. She taught me techniques that help me to learn about myself, and to tune in to what my mind and body are really in need of. She was able to share resources and tips with me that helped me to restructure my life in ways that are bringing me more joy and accomplishment.

When applicable, she even sent me her lovely blog posts and kind encouragements to help me along my path. Overall, I have found Carina to be a light in the community. I recommend her services to all women who may need some guidance in the journey towards fulfillment.
— Joesi

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