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I’m Carina, a Christian writer and life coach, and here’s a truth I believe with all my heart: God created you for a life of purpose and joy.

He has planted dreams and a destiny in your heart, and He has entrusted you with something the world needs that no one else can offer.

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

And maybe a little scary too…

…because if you don’t accomplish what’s in your heart it will remain forever undone…

…because discovering, accepting, and walking in who we are meant to be isn’t always easy.

We face doubts, discouragements, disappointments, and detours—not to mention the ever present challenges of daily life.

That’s why I’m here to help. Together, we can figure out what your life is all about and get you moving forward with confidence into all God is calling you to!

I’m passionate about helping you become all God created you to be!

Do you want to live intentionally?
Are you searching for direction?
Longing to grow in faith?
Trying to find the courage to move forward in your dream and need a friendly nudge in the right direction?

If your answer is Yes!, grab a cup of coffee and check out my articles on purpose here. (I also write a lot about faith and spiritual growth, since knowing God is our ultimate purpose! You can find those posts here.)

Then, if you’re interested in more personalized guidance, hop on over to my coaching page to learn more and schedule an appointment.

I’m excited to join you in the journey of cultivating the life you were made for!

With love and affection,

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What people are saying

You have...helped me get to the point I want in life and exceed my own expectations!
— Misty

Carina helped me to begin my journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. She taught me techniques that help me to learn about myself, and to tune in to what my mind and body are really in need of. She was able to share resources and tips with me that helped me to restructure my life in ways that are bringing me more joy and accomplishment.

When applicable, she even sent me her lovely blog posts and kind encouragements to help me along my path. Overall, I have found Carina to be a light in the community. I recommend her services to all women who may need some guidance in the journey towards fulfillment.
— Joesi

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