7 Ways Wonder Woman Shows Us How to be Courageous, Purposeful and Amazing Women


About a year ago, my husband started on a super heroes movie kick.

I’ve never been into comic books and their characters, but if you’re married or in a relationship, you know about the give and take that happens when it comes to entertainment. Let’s just say I now know more about Captain America, Batman, the Hulk and Iron Man than I ever expected to.

The movies have been interesting, but not what I would call inspiring. Until I saw Wonder Woman.

(If you haven't seen the movie or know the story, you can check it out here and here.)

Before watching the movie, which was released June 2017 and directed by Patty Jenkins, I knew nothing about Wonder Woman (whose real name is Diana), nor, honestly, did I have much inclination to.

The whole female warrior thing has never really appealed to me. I don’t see myself wearing combat boots or wielding a sword. I’m not naturally athletic and am—usually—mild-mannered.

So I was a surprised when I found myself not just entertained, but deeply moved. I felt a stirring in my heart and a longing for something more—to actually be like Diana (I can assure you, Batman did not have this effect on me).

Why did she make such an impact? I believe it’s because she demonstrates traits that, deep down, we women desire to possess.



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Here are 7 ways Wonder Woman displays awesome womanhood—and how you can too.

  1. She is beautiful. Yes, she has glossy black hair and great skin, but she also has lovely inner qualities, which is what makes her beauty so compelling. She isn’t vain, and she isn’t self-conscious. She is comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to ask questions. She is kind, intelligent, confident and brave.
  2. She is fierce, yet softhearted. Diverting bullets with her bracelets and annihilating Nazis in hand to hand combat? You gotta be pretty tough to do that. But Diana is also softhearted. She doesn’t let the tragedy she witnessed, the pain of her past, or the intensity of her training harden her. I think this is one the biggest reasons she appeals to me. She displays a rare blend of tenderness and power. When confronting evil, she’s ruthless, but when faced with suffering, she is deeply touched and not afraid to show it.
  3. She knows her strengths. She is aware of her unique gifts and abilities and is committed to refining them and using them to the best of her ability. She doesn’t apologize for her talents or use them to shame others.
  4. She lives, trains and works in community. As a child, she is raised on an island and surrounded by a group of powerful women who teach her about who she is and help her sharpen her skills. When Diana leaves the island as a young woman, she develops other supportive relationships and becomes part of a team she can depend on.
  5. She has a mission. She knows exactly what she is called to do—bring love and peace into the world and stop war. She is dedicated to her mission and spent years training so she could succeed. Yes, she is part of a team, but she also knows that there are things she alone can accomplish.
  6. She is courageous. There’s a scene where her team is en route to stop an evil scientist from unleashing a terrible chemical weapon. As they cross some trenches, Diana learns that the Nazis are holding innocent villagers, including children, captive on the other side of no-man’s land. Despite the danger and the attempts of others to dissuade her, she charges into an onslaught of machine gun fire, overpowers the Nazis, and frees the village. She knows there is something worth fighting for, and she is willing to put her strength to the test to defend what she believes is right.
  7. She embraces adventure.Though I often crave the routine and safety of a quiet life, there is something else in my heart that calls for adventure, and in the midst of fulfilling her mission, Diana encounters adventure aplenty. She travels to new lands, develops new relationships, and tries new food (ice cream!). As she encounters the unknown, instead of shrinking back in fear, she opens herself to new experiences.

Pretty amazing woman, huh?

Her story infuses me with a desire to hold fast to my mission, embrace my strengths, hone my skills, accept adventure, live in community, learn from mentors and make a difference. I’m inspired to maintain a tender heart while relentlessly opposing injustice, and I’m reminded to neither reject nor idolize beauty but to nurture inner as well as outer loveliness.

No, I can’t scale stone walls with my bare hands and deflect machine gun fire with a shield, and I’m not going to start wearing a leather mini skirt and wielding a sword.

But here’s the truth: we don’t have to fight a war (though some of you may be doing just that! Thank you!) or be Amazon princesses to be fierce and fulfill a grand purpose. We are all meant for a life of beauty, adventure, passion and courage, and you have your own brand of amazing.

What are your strengths? What is your mission? Who or what are you called to protect, nurture or champion? How can you change your world now?

Perhaps you have a passion to feed the homeless or encourage women recovering from abusive relationships. If you’re a painter, maybe you’re called to bring hope or humor through your art. If you’re a mom, you have the awesome mission of raising the leaders, thinkers, and creatives who will shape our future.

Whatever it is, you can move forward in confidence, knowing that you have your own unique super strengths, you are needed, and you’re not alone.

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


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