How this Perspective on Prayer has Helped me Connect with God in a New Way

Photo by filipe palacio on unsplash

Photo by filipe palacio on unsplash

In his book, Drawing Near, author and minister John Bevere shares about a “wonderful secret” he discovered to connecting more intimately with God. He writes, “As I entered my times of prayer, I’d refrain from words and just meditate on my Father’s wonderful splendor and greatness. I would think of Jesus’ magnificence and the glorious battle He won for me to be His own. I pondered on His awesome spirit and the fact He chose to live with me.” As John engaged with God this way, he found himself entering God’s presence more easily.

Eager to draw nearer to God myself, I recently decided to start incorporating this approach into my prayer time. Since nature is one of the easiest ways for me to connect with God, I’ve found myself meditating on Him in the context of Him as creator.

I imagine Him at the beginning of time, scattering stars across the darkness. He blows, and they all light up, like birthday candles in reverse.

I imagine Him knee deep in the ocean, Father and Son, laughing, splashing, and shaping coastlines like clay.

I imagine Him painting the sunset, flames of pink and orange streaming from His brush

I imagine Him writing in His book of my life, smiling over every day of my existence.

When I think about who God is and what He is like in these contexts, I’m filled with wonder at His power, creativity, and joy.

How I intimate, how loving, how eloquent He is. And so happy!

I find reassurance too, as I reflect on the truth that I can trust Someone who is so big, capable, and omnipotent.

Connecting with God through meditative imagery like this helps me grasp in a more concrete way what His personality is like. It’s a refreshing and fun way of contemplating the One whom we will never fully understand or perceive. The One who is wider than the ocean and higher than the heavens. The One who holds us in His heart and hand.

Have you ever tried meditating on God in this way? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


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“On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wonderful works, I will meditate” Psalm 145:5 (NASB).


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