5 Easy Ways to get God's Word into Your Day, Even when You're Super Busy

Photo by fabio spinelli on unsplash

Photo by fabio spinelli on unsplash

Do you want to spend more time in God’s Word, but life keeps interrupting? The phone rings, the dog gets into the trash, a neighbor stops by unexpectedly…

In the busyness of life, it can be a challenge to carve out quiet time. (I shared more about this last week, you can read that post here.) Yet, the reality remains that nourishing ourselves with God’s Word is vital to growing in faith and relationship with Him.

The good news is we don’t necessarily have to be sitting down with our Bible and a cup of tea in order to get a good dose of Scripture.

Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate God’s Word into your life, even on the busiest days.

1. Make the most of waiting

What do you do when you’re waiting in line or waiting for an appointment? If you’re like most people, you pull out your cell phone and start scrolling social media or the news. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But it’s also a great opportunity to spend a minute or two meditating on a Bible verse. Pull up a Bible website, like Bible Gateway or Bible Hub, select a chapter, and read a few lines. For a non-digital option, you could write a few verses on a slip of paper and stash it in your purse or coat pocket. Pull it out while you’re waiting in line for your latte!

2. Audio Bible

Listening to the Bible is a great option when you’re getting dressed in the morning, driving to work, or cooking dinner in the evening. Bible Gateway has free audio Bibles in multiple versions. You can listen on their website here.

3. Sticky notes

Good old sticky notes, so handy for reminding us of important things! I have several Bible verses on sticky notes plastered around my bathroom, ones that I especially want to soak deep into my soul. I make a point of reading over them while brushing my teeth or washing my hands. Of course, you could also post verses on your fridge, kitchen cabinet, or bed stand…wherever works for you.

4. Scripture set to music

One of my favorite CDs is called Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture. (This is actually the first of a series of three!) All the songs are Bible verses set to soothing music. Though they are lullabies, don’t think they’re for kids only! The music on this album is truly beautiful and so comforting. I love that as I listen (and later, as the songs run through my head) I am being reminded of and memorizing Scripture.

5. Bible verse coloring pages/books

Bible coloring pages are a great way to get extra Scripture into your day, especially if you’re a mom. While you spend quality time coloring with your child, you can simultaneously be meditating on an encouraging Bible verse. Plus, coloring is super relaxing! So, really, this is a great option for anyone, mom or not. You can find some lovely free coloring pages here, or you can purchase a whole book of coloring pages on Amazon, such as this one or this one.



Having a bit of quiet just-you-and-God time each day is still something we should do our best to get in on a regular basis.

But, just as we might sustain ourselves during a long day with snacks in between meals, on extra-busy days we can supplement our spiritual growth with these tools. Hope you find them helpful!


With love,

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…Thrill to God’s Word…chew on Scripture day and night. Psalm 1:2 MSG 

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