You may be Qualified, but are You Called?



Have you ever had someone ask you to fill a role or do a task, and because you were capable, you felt you should say yes? If you're like me, you want to be helpful and make the most of the opportunities God has given you. But how can you know if an opportunity is actually from God? Just because we can meet a need, does that mean we should

This week I'm excited to share my new article on The Joyful Life Magazine's blog: "You May Be Qualified, But Are You Called?" In it, I share some of my own experiences in learning to determine what God is calling me to do and what He's taught me about qualifications versus calling.

God has a purpose for each and every one of us, and I believe this principle of Qualifications vs. Callling is an important key to helping us move forward in all He has created us to be. I hope my story encourages you! You can read the first few paragraphs below, then click through to the full article

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You may be Qualified, but are You Called?

A couple of summers ago, I attended a training on postpartum mood disorders. After sharing all sorts of helpful treatment techniques, the instructor concluded with a discussion on the lack of postpartum resources in our town.

As I drove home at the end of the day, I weighed my recent decision to leave my career as a professional counselor. Like the rain-cloud-laden sky, my heart was heavy. Women need access to good therapists trained in postpartum wellness, I thought. I have something our community needs and women can benefit from, yet I’m not making it available.

I felt as though I was depriving my community of a valuable resource. Was it a mistake—even selfish—to not offer a service that was both vital and within my power to provide?

Then, like a pebble in a pool, these words dropped into my mind: I’m qualified, but I’m not called.

God was once again convicting me that in spite of my qualifications, and my desire to encourage and serve women, He was not calling me to minister to them through a career in professional counseling.

With a near constant demand on our time and talents, it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of doing things simply because other people want and “need” us to do them. Interesting opportunities may fall into our laps and because we can, because we’re available, or because we’re qualified, we too often feel like we should jump in...

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