How Jesus Really Feels When You're Upset

photo by aaron burden on unsplash

photo by aaron burden on unsplash

I somehow have this subconscious perception of God as stoic, serious, and stern. Thankfully, God has done a lot over the years to change this perception, but sometimes I still find that when I’m in emotional pain or am struggling with a problem, I feel guilty. Deep down, I think I should be stronger and I fear God is displeased with me.

This week, God reminded me afresh that that’s not how He is. During my devotional time on Easter morning I read this verse about Jesus: “In all their distress, he too was distressed” (Isaiah 63:9 NIV).

God is distressed by my distress. He looks tenderly on my tears. His response to my questions is comfort, not condemnation. What a balm this is to my soul!

You too move God’s heart. You move Him emotionally and physically. He draws near to you in spirit when you sorrow, and He made the ultimate move physically when Jesus, God in flesh, came to Earth. Jesus’ motivation was love, and His method was complete and utter self-sacrifice. Jesus didn’t come just to complete a task. What He came to do was personal. He came because He was moved by your distress. Your heartbreak broke His heart, and He couldn’t not do something about it.

So He entered into our earthly drama. He suffered, He died, and He rose again. He defeated death and made the way for each of us to be made right with God. Now, when we believe and follow Jesus, we can boldly come to God, casting all our cares on Him—all our distress, our depression, our problems, our pains, our sickness, and our sadness. In Him, we find healing and hope. What a wonderful, incomprehensible gift!

Today, as you nibble on your leftover Easter candy, I encourage you to take some time to meditate on Jesus, who doesn’t turn a cold shoulder to your distress. Jesus, who wraps you in His arms of comfort and feels your pain. Jesus, who has provided a way for all things to be made right.

You are wanted, you are loved, and with Jesus, you are never alone! ❤️

With love,

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