Self-Care at Its Simplest: How a Breath of Fresh Air Can Help You Feel Better and Fuel Your Purpose

photo by natalia figueredo on unsplash

photo by natalia figueredo on unsplash

Our cold winter has finally come to an end, and, with temperatures here in Fairbanks inching into the 50s, I’ve been opening the windows and drinking coffee out on the deck (🎉 yay!).

Last night, I took a short stroll down the driveway after dinner, just to get some air. It was so refreshing! As I made my way back inside, I marveled at how something as simple as fresh air can make you feel so good.

Today as I returned indoors after enjoying coffee on the deck, I again marveled at the power of fresh air. And I wondered: is there any scientific research on the benefits of fresh air? A quick Google search revealed a plethora of science-based reasons why you should open that window ASAP.

I learned that fresh air can help you have

Pretty cool, huh?

It’s amazing how such simple things, like stepping outside for some fresh air, can help us be the best versions of ourselves.

The more we can take care of ourselves in these small ways, the healthier and better functioning we can be. And the better we feel, the more effectively we can love those around us and fulfill our God-given assignments (and thereby also helping us grow in our relationship with God!).

Who knew that a bit of fresh air could accomplish so much!

As simple, and maybe silly, as it may sound, I’m adding “fresh air” to my list of self-care must-dos. I’ve decided to make a point of spending at least a few minutes outside each day, maybe taking some meals on the deck or even taking my computer out there to work. Plus opening the windows whenever possible!

How about you? Have you noticed a link between simple forms of self-care (like enjoying fresh air) and feeling like the best version of yourself?

How have you been enjoying fresh air lately? Have you been out walking? Reading on the porch? Tell me about it in the comments!

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